Bakery - Confectionery

Bakery - Confectionery

For more than 15 years AlindaVelco has been working on developing and providing the baking industry with advanced and tailor-made solutions, gaining thus a valuable experience in the sector and establishing its position among the leading producers and suppliers of technologically advanced baking ingredients.

In particular, AlindaVelco has been highly experienced in handling enzyme preparations resulting this way in the development of a high-quality product portfolio for improved baking purposes. The flour conditioners and improvers of AlindaVelco constitute of functional blends of baking enzymes that contribute to the improvement and correction of flour technical aspects. They can be used to replace chemical emulsifiers and convenient flour strengtheners. It is worth mentioning that most of the flour conditioners offered by AlindaVelco are not considered as additives under the current E.U. legislation, hence do not have an Exxx number.

Moreover, AlindaVelco has also developed a full range of bakery improvers, consisting of special blends for:

  • volume increase
  • better fermentation tolerance
  • gluten network strengthening
  • increase of the bread softness and staling time

Furthermore, AlindaVelco offers special blends for green or E-free labelled bakery products and also produces specialty products for local markets.

AlindaVelco provides bakery industry with ingredients in a wide variety of concentrations according to the production line of our customers. Whatever your specific bakery product, ask AlindaVelco for the most suitable, affordable and technologically advanced solution.

Bakery and Confectionery Ingredients

AlindaVelco has the technical knowledge and the correct partnerships to provide you with a complete range of bakery and pastry raw materials...

Bakery and Confectionery Blends

Our Bakery & Confectionery Blends are included in the table below...

Flour Improvers

AlindaVelco has developed a wide range of flour improvers to assist you in the production of top quality, delicious and thus successful bakery products...

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