The nutritional fortification of fruit juices and other beverages and the constant need for new, tasty and yet healthy beverage products are strong consumer demands nowadays. Consumers want beverages that fit their age and lifestyle, contribute to their good health keeping and satisfy them even though they are reduced-calorie drinks. AlindaVelco supplies the Beverage industry with a range of top quality natural ingredients, especially designed and well-suited for the specific sector, aiming at giving beverages valuable market requirements like exquisite taste and good texture. Furthermore, AlindaVelco solutions can help the beverage manufacturer reduce energy, time and other raw materials costs, while increasing productivity.

Either you want to enhance your current products or develop innovative new ones, and thus create a sales increase for your brand, AlindaVelco has the right beverage solution for you. More specifically, AlindaVelco distributes the following ingredients:

Enzymes for Beverages

A range of ingredients specially designed for either distilleries or juice producers. In the first case, enzymes can enhance fermentation processes...

Flavors for Beverages

A range of natural flavor extracts obtained from a large selection of botanical sources, as plant leaves, stems, roots, fruit and seeds...

Pectins for Beverages

Pectins are nature derived products with acknowledged nutritional benefits. In beverage industry they can add viscosity to soft drinks...

Carrageenans for Beverages

A range of ingredients (polysaccharides) extracted from certain species of red seaweed. Carrageenans can help with mouthfeel manipulation...


This organic compound, obtained especially from the oils of anise and fennel, is widely used as a flavor agent. In anise-flavored liqueurs...

Ascorbic and Citric Acid

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is used extensively in
the food industry...

Caustic Soda for Beverages

Caustic Soda is used as an alkalizer and as a cleaning agent...

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