Antibiotic Tests

Antibiotic Tests

Among the most common diseases that affect dairy cows and have tragically negative economic effects on the dairy sector, resides mastitis, which deteriorates milk quality and thus imposes the immediate use of antibiotic treatment. Treated cows must be kept under quarantine for a time period, according to the antibiotic used and the dosage applied, before they can be milked again. Otherwise, and in case that antibiotic residues are passed to milk, farmers will be faced with sever legal and financial penalties.

Antibiotic residues in raw milk can obstruct the starter cultures used in cheese and yogurt manufacture, but more importantly they are connected with a crucial food safety issue, as antibiotics residues may cause severe antibiotic resistance and allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, producers are required to offer an antibiotic free product, and it is their responsibility to ensure illegal antibiotic residues are prevented.

Antibiotic Test Products

AlindaVelco S.A. can supply you with reliable and high-sensitivity solutions for the most accurate testing of antibiotic residues...

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