Rennet for Cheese

AlindaVelco S.A. is the supplier of a wide range of coagulants, including a rich portfolio of rennets divided into three types, according to their origin :

  • Animal
  • Microbial
  • Chemical

Animal rennet: AlindaVelco S.A. can provide you with animal rennet ingredients manufactured from highly selected raw materials, completely free from microbial coagulants, swine pepsin, DNA recombinant chymosin, colouring materials and aromatising substances or any other additive. This type of rennet is recommended for the manufacture of P.D.O. cheeses, as it reassures the top quality of cheese taste and complies with to certain regional cheese regulations. Animal rennet is 100% natural product, available in three forms: liquid, granular and paste.

In its liquid form, animal rennet is supplied as a liquid saline solution containing a minimum of 92% chymosin as active component. It is a solution of milk clotting enzymes extracted from the fourth stomach of young milk fed calves, purified by cellulose ion exchange chromatography, ensuring thus a clean product with minimal colour and odour.

The powder rennet contains a slightly bigger proportion of chymosin as active component (typically 94 to 96% chymosin). It is a purified white powder that does not contain any deodorants or reodorants.

Microbial rennet: Our broad range of microbial rennets incorporates thermolabile milk coagulants for cheese derived from a selected Rhizomucor miehei strain. They are heat sensitive, so they enable enzyme inactivation through the normal pasteurisation of the whey and their effect on various parameters during the clotting procedure, like temperature, pH or calcium ion concentration, is very similar to this of animal rennet. This range of rennets can generally be applied to the production of all cheese types, especially organic cheeses, as well as those for vegetarian consumers.

Chemical rennet: For cheese manufacturers who wish to use a coagulant of high quality, developed through latest technology procedures and containing100% pure chymosin, AlindaVelco has the optimum ingredient portfolio. This range consists of top-quality, highly purified coagulants characterised by consistent quality and stable enzymatic activity. This rennet solution is suitable for all cheese types, especially the vegetarian ones, as it guarantees maximum milk coagulation and cheese yield. During cheese manufacturing process, this kind of rennet behaves like a calf one of similar strength, in terms of influence of the enzyme concentration, milk temperature, pH of the milk and the calcium concentration in the milk. Moreover, breakdown profile of casein and the taste and flavour development during maturation process appear to be the same as when animal rennet is used.

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