Proteins for Ice Cream

The proteins, which constitute a substantial part of the ice cream mixture, contribute to the development of various structural attributes, such as emulsification and whipping properties, and they promote the water holding capacity which improves viscosity and reduces ice-crystal growth. AlindaVelco provides ice cream manufacturers with high-protein solutions, through various sources, including:

1. Whey Protein Concentrates (WPC)

Whey proteins are among the components of serum solids or milk solids-not-fat (MSNF), an important ingredient of ice creams because it improves viscosity, promotes gelling process, gives protein enrichment as well as high nutritional value, without additional fat needed.

Whey Protein Concentrates are taken through whey ultrafiltration process and then atomised in order to be dried. AlindaVelco, through its PROMIL WPC range of products, offers you a selection of Whey Protein Concentrates of various protein content, which can fulfil any of your ice cream manufacturing requirement. For instance, PROMIL WPC 65 and PROMIL WPC 80 are soluble whey protein concentrates containing 65% and 85% protein respectively, they gel over a wide pH range and are developed to add viscosity, enhance water binding and minimize serum formation.

2. Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)

Skimmed Milk Powder is a source of high protein with the advantage of low fat content and gives great potential when used in various dairy applications. It is easy to implement to various recipes, providing improvement in texture of the final product. Moreover, it promotes whitening and reveals the milky flavour of ice-cream. AlinaVelco can provide you with natural dairy powder ingredients manufactured by fresh pasteurised skim milk through spray drying process. They are highly soluble and dispersible products, excellent for the production of low-fat, clean-taste frozen desserts.

3. Skim Milk Powder Replacers (SMPC)

Recently, it has become very common to replace the use of skimmed milk -either in its powdered or in its condensed form- with a variety of milk powder replacers, which are blends of whey protein concentrates, caseinates, and whey powders. Skim Milk Replacers can cost effectively replace skimmed milk powder in a variety of applications and though containing less protein, they can act similarly, as they are blended with an appropriate balance of whey proteins and caseins. SMP Replacers are readily dispersed in cold water and are added in ice creams in order to increase the expansion ratio during process, provide smooth and creamy results and avoid ice-crystalisation and fast melting. AlindaVelco offers ice cream manufacturers a range of economic replacements for other dairy solids, which contribute to an excellent dairy flavour and velvet texture, providing also stabilising properties without the need of extra ingredients. In addition, they give the final product added moisture-binding capacity, whippability and resistance to heat shock. For instance, VELCOMILK 26 is a milk replacer composed of whey protein, vegetable fat powder, concentrated milk protein and wheat starch, designed to successfully and cost-effectively replace milk powder in many dairy applications.

4. Fat Replacers

Fat contents contribute to most of ice cream's good taste and pleasant mouth-feel. However, fat increases food calories and thus it is an ingredient avoided by people opting for a nutritional and healthy diet. AlindaVelco has got the solution for ice cream manufacturers looking for fat substitutes that would provide the desirable mouth-feel and taste of fat but not the energy content or fat itself. This solution constitutes of a product line of protein based fat replacers designed to give your low-fat or fat-free ice creams the desired smoothness and creaminess, combined with freeze/thaw stability at the same time.

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