Stabilizers for Ice Cream

In ice-cream industry stabilizers used to add viscosity and control ice-crystallization. They help to keep the small crystals isolated and prevent the growth of large crystals, which causes ice cream to be coarse, icy and unpleasant to eat. Also, stabilizers prevent shrinkage and limit ice recrystallization during storage, extending thus the shelf life. Lastly, they provide a slower and more uniform meltdown of the ice cream.

AlindaVelco supplies ice cream manufacturers with a variety of stabilizer systems, ideally applicable to frozen and chilled dairy products. These systems comprising of hydrocolloids derived from natural, renewable raw materials, provide great viscosity, prevent ice-crystals from growing, boost flavour release, etc. More specifically:

  • Xanthan gum offers stability over a range of pH and temperatures and exceptional thickening abilities which provide improved mouthfeel. Xanthan gum blends are also available to increase viscosity and produce heat-reversible gels.
  • Pectin is used for its supreme gelling ability and the excellent stability it gives. In a "specialty" form pectin functions as a fat replacer and provides smooth and creamy mouthfeel,
  • Carrageenan reduces whey-off and ice-crystal growth.

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