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Whether you are looking to produce a formula for a competitive athlete or an ordinary gym-goer, AlindaVelco S.A. can provide you with a comprehensive range of ingredients, covering everything you should need to develop your formula. Our extensive portfolio of products includes effective ingredients used in this dynamic market.

For instance, PROMIL WPC 80 and PROMIL WPC 65 are whey protein concentrates designed to improve texture and add viscosity. Whey protein is a top quality protein due to its high ranking in protein quality measures, i.e. protein efficiency ratio (PER), biological value (BV), net protein utilization (NPU) and protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS).

Especially in sports, whey protein is considered to be the best dietary source of leucine, the amino acid that optimises recovery and triggers muscle synthesis. Whey protein is a soluble protein that does not coagulates in the stomach and therefore gets released from it rapidly. In this way, the body starts using the protein fast and the muscle gain potential after exercise is increased.

Lately, great interest has been shown to protein bars, which are well preferred by physically active people because they are a quick, single-serving and highly nutritive solution well-consumed "on-the-go". Problems connecting with manufacturing protein bars consist of:

  • Poor tasting
  • Chewing and heavy texture
  • Become hard over time due to protein-moisture interaction
  • Limited colours and flavours as proteins can turn brown

AlindaVelco Whey Protein ingredients can help protein bar manufacturers win market share by creating innovative products with excellent taste and texture, gaining thus the preference of existing and new consumers.

AlindaVelco S.A. is the ideal partner to assist you with making the most of the best ingredients in the market to create innovative and top-quality sports nutrition products.

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