Yoghurt and Yoghurt Desserts

Yoghurt and Yoghurt Desserts

Yoghurt is one of the most popular fermented dairy products. During the past few decades the production of yoghurt has experienced a significant increase, as a wide proportion of consumers have turned themselves to this healthy snacking option. Besides, the introduction of wide variety of flavours and/or fruits to the yoghurt has made the product a tasty and healthy choice for consumers of any age.

In AlindaVelco S,A. we give special attention at providing dairy ingredients to deliver superior texture and taste to your cultured products. Our product portfolio includes milk proteins and stabilizers for all types of set and stirred yoghurt. In addition, we can offer cost effective solutions for the production of Greek Style yoghurt, providing a wide variety of milk proteins and stabiliser systems both for milk fat or vegetable fat yoghurts.

Greek & Greek Style Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is the most popular fermented dairy product in Greece. During the past few decades the production of Greek yoghurt has experienced a significant growth worldwide...

Proteins for Yoghurt

The right protein ingredient(s) selection is one of the most significant decisions yoghurt producers have to make, according to their market demands and to the result required...

Cultures for Yoghurt

Nowadays, when consumers have developed such a variety in their taste preferences, yoghurt producers need to offer a similar variety within their product range in order to keep pace...

Ready Blends for Yoghurt Desserts

AlindaVelco S.A. has developed protein blends to be used for stirred or set yoghurt desserts made from skim or whole milk. Indicative ingredients of this product range include...

Stabilizers for Yoghurt Desserts

As demand for dairy foods is increasing and new product development is essential in order to satisfy different textures and flavours, stabilizers will continue to play a vital role...

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