Proteins for Yoghurt

The right protein ingredient(s) selection is one of the most significant decisions yoghurt producers have to make, according to their market demands and to the result required. Milk components act differently in various situations, so protein ingredients are important for formulating the desired texture. AlindaVelco S.A. offers a variety of milk proteins available for use in yoghurts and has the valuable expertise to modify these product codes in order to cover your consumers' specific needs.

Our yoghurt proteins include a range of concentrated and functional ingredients based on milk protein and developed for the production of stirred or set yoghurt made from either skim or whole milk. With the aid of our proteins ingredients solutions, yoghurt manufacturer can produce consistent, high quality yoghurt with enhanced water binding, improved texture and creamy mouthfeel. AlindaVelco yoghurt proteins are characterised by a high protein but low-fat and low-lactose content. Suggestive product codes, sorted according to their protein content percentage, consist of:

Protein Content Product Code Benefits
80% Fonterra MPC 85

High quality

High gelling properties

76% PROMIL Conc 76
DSA 76 - I
Creamy texture and mouthfeel

High viscosity

High quality

70% PROMIL Conc 70 Specialty ingredients

Highly concentrated and functional milk protein based

Developed for customized applications

60% PROTAL 607

Apart from these product codes, which vary according to their protein content and other characteristics, AlindaVelco S.A. is willing to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with the optimum and properly adjusted solution.

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