Stabilizers for Yoghurt Desserts

As demand for dairy foods is increasing and new product development is essential in order to satisfy different textures and flavours, stabilizers will continue to play a vital role in providing the textures and overall qualities that consumers want.

AlindaVelco S.A. offers functional solutions working as binding and thickening agents with good texturing and self-life properties in diary products like yoghurt desserts. These solutions vary from modified starches to gelatins. Starches have an excellent heat, shear, sterilization and freeze-thaw stability, even in mild acid solutions. Moreover, they have a good water binding ability and good shelf life and can be used with an application concentration till approx. 6%.

Gelatins can act as a great helper with the optimal texture achievement. Texture includes e.g. hardness, adhesiveness, viscosity and cohesion. Especially in yoghurts, they offer protection against syneresis and they simultaneously give consistency with a variety from creamy to firm. Additionally, except their emulsifying and stabilizing properties, gelatines have a great ability to bind water, therefore they enable low-fat dairy products to be produced.

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