AlindaVelco S.A. supplies the brewing industry with yeast cultures and liquid yeasts for beer fermentation together with special microbiological forms for brewing contaminants detection.

The broad range of beer yeasts and yeast nutrients is addressed to the industrial, micro and home brewer. The basic product line includes ale and lager dry yeast cultures both for home and industrial or craft brewers. Depending on the type of beer you want to create, AlindaVelco can provide you with the most appropriate type of yeast. There are special products for the creation of:

  • Wheat beers
  • Lager beers
  • Full-bodied, fruity English-style ales
  • High-alcohol specialty beers
  • Champagne-like beers and fruit beers
  • Ales of the finest quality derived from a yeast prepared without any colours, preservatives or other unnatural substances added

There are also yeast nutrient products developed without chemicals or additives that contain specific minerals and aim at improving fermentation performance under different fermentation conditions. This range of yeast nutrients is developed to give valuable advantages to the brewing procedure, including among others the significant decrease of fermentation time, while increasing yeast production by improving yeast's health and viability, resulting after all to the final product's quality improvement.


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