Jams, Marmalades and Jellies

Jams, marmalades and jellies are all forms of different types of fruit (or vegetables) preserves. They are distinguished by the preparation method, as jam contains the whole fruit, cut into pieces or crushed, marmalade is made from sliced or chopped fruit peel, whereas in a jelly preparation the fruit pulp is filtered out after the initial heating so that to yield a clear fruit spread. The common fact and the key success factor of all three is the necessity of pectin –natural or commercial- as a gelling agent.

Pectin is a all-natural ingredient which acts as en excellent thickening agent and at the same time certifies the "clear label" of the end product in commercial use, as in most countries food legislation, pectin constitutes the only permitted gelling agent which can be used in products labelled as "jam", "jelly" or "marmalade".

If you wish for a top-quality natural gelling ingredient that can guarantee your product's appealing texture, AlindaVelco can supply you with an extensive portfolio of pectin grades, both high- and low-ester, which will suit you best according to your product's soluble solids, the texture needed, the pH and the filling temperature.

Pectin Type Applications
High-ester (HM) pectin

Best suited for high solids jams, jellies or preserves (60-70% soluble solids)

Low-ester (LM) pectin Best suited for high solids jams, jellies or preserves (20-55% soluble solids)
Low Ester Conventional (LMC) pectin Ideal for Organic or “natural labels”
Low Ester Amidated (LMA) pectin Flexible to variations in calcium concentrations that occur in use

Lastly, for low-sugar jams where syneresis problem is obvious and texture needs to be modified, AlindaVelco can provide you with xanthan gum ingredients that stabilise and improves your product's texture without affecting its colour or flavour.


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