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AlindaVelco supplies the convenience food industry with a vast selection starches, flakes and granulates, as well as proteins and fibres made from natural renewable raw materials of the potato and the pea and which can find ideal use in various applications of the sector. More specifically:


Starch solution


Soups, sauces and gravies

Virgin potato starch

  • Clear texture
  • Pleasant taste
  • Low gelification temperature
  • High viscosity

Pea proteins

  • High emulsion
  • High nutritional and digestive value
  • Very good source of amino acid
  • Egg replacer for “Non-Cholesterol” products

Pea and potato fibres

  • Great thickening value
  • Advance creaminess
  • Fat replacer for “light” products
  • No allergens included – “clean-label” products

Flakes and Granules

  • Flakes: cold swelling properties
  • Granules: thickening properties at higher temperatures

Frozen meals

Virgin potato starches, Modified starches, Proteins and Fibres, Flakes and Granulates

  • Freeze-thaw stability
  • Natural taste
  • Texture optimisation
  • Viscosity
  • Product stability
  • Extended shelf life

Potato-based products, noodles and pasta

Native pea or potato starches, Modified potato starches, Pre-gelatinised starches, Pea and Potato fibres, Potato flakes and granules

  • Texturing and water retention agents
  • Binding and thickening agents
  • Excellent stabilisers
  • Ideal for gluten-free recipes


Virgin potato starches

  • Crispiness
  • Natural taste
  • Extended shelf life

Pre-agglutinated starches

  • Structuring agent
  • High expansion


  • Low expansion
  • Flavour-, colour-, moisture- and texture-regulating agent

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