Milk Proteins for Meat

It is well known that processed and cured meats are nowadays among the most popular meat and poultry products. There is a wide selection of hams, salamis, sausages, marinated meats and many other types of processed or cooked meat products developed to satisfy specific preferences while offering unique taste and excellent nutrition. However, these varied meat products need the addition of many different ingredients, such as spices, flavourings, binders, etc., to give them their distinctive taste and texture.

If you are looking for innovative solutions that will bring to your processed meat products better flavor, improved texture and great stability, trust AlindaVelco S.A. as your supplier of high quality and cost-effective ingredients developed by the most prominent companies of the sector.

AlindaVelco has the technical knowledge and the market experience to provide you with the functional solutions you need for making your final products the first choice of your consumers. We offer you a variety of ingredients ranging from those based on milk proteins to gelling factors like carrageenans and various spice extracts and flavourings that guarantee a successful application whatever your recipe is.

Experiment on the uniqueness of your application, not on the quality of your raw materials. Ask AlindaVelco experts about the most appropriate solution that will assist you in creating a tasty, healthy and cost-controlled meat product.

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