Spices and Flavors

The addition of various flavourings and spices to cured meat products is becoming increasingly popular, as it constitutes of an easy way for product differentiation in the wide meat market. At the beginning, only a few common spices like pepper were rubbed on the surface of dry cured hams, confining this way their flavour effect solely to the surface. Later, the brine curing was introduced, so flavourings could be directly brought in the meat, giving thus the opportunity to the meat processing industry to offer the consumers a continuously expanding selection of tasty choices.

AlindaVelco can be your supplier of a large variety of spice extracts and flavour enhancers to lift the taste of your recipe and make your meat product stand out.

Moreover, functional blends can be used for different purposes, like colour and taste improvement, yield or shelf life extension, or for efficiency improvement, so the selection of the right mix is very important for you. AlindaVeldo has got the technological knowledge to offer you a solution that is best suited to the specific needs of your product.

Special mention should also be made to the Organic spices and mixtures that AlindaVelco can provide you with, helping you thus create high quality, "clean label" products.

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