Specific Inactivated Yeasts

Opti-Red® provides early polysaccharide availability for the complexion with polyphenols as soon as they are released and diffused. It is used at the beginning of red wine fermentations to obtain fuller bodied, more color stable and smooth palate wines. Usage of Opti-Red® by the end of fermentation allows the winemaker to shape harsh polyphenols into smoother more approachable tannins.

Specific inactivated yeast with high antioxidant properties. Using OptiWHITE on the juice at the beginning of fermentation results in rounder mouthfeel and greater aromatic complexity in white wines. As its unique properties protect against oxidation of phenols and aromas, Opti-White® contributes to better color preservation and the aromatic freshness of white wines.

It is a unique-yeast derived product formulated to reduce sulfur off-aromas and improve the overall wine quality. Developed for red and white wine treatment, REDULESS® reduces H2S ,DMS, DES and other sulfur-related objects in wine and increases mouthfeel while lowering phenol-related off aromas.

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