Enzymes for Dish-washing Detergents

Automatic dishwashers are among the most popular electrical appliances nowadays, as they provide both professionals and home users a very convenient, tireless and cost-effective way of cleaning a large number of tableware.

Consumers are very specific in their requirements regarding a dishwashing detergent; they need consistent performance, effective removal of stubborn soils like egg yolk, convenience like such offered by "all-in-one" products, and all these to be achieved in short washing cycle programs and low washing temperatures, so that less water and energy are consumed.

AlincaVelco offers the dishwashing detergent manufacturers environmentally friendly enzymes that can be used in both phosphate and phosphate-free formulations in order to enhance cleaning efficiency. The range of dishwashing enzymatic solutions we offer comprises distinctive ingredients developed to deal with specific soil removal, e.g. protein or starch-based soils, while all of them guarantee consistent performance even in temperatures as low as 40°C.

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Enzymes for Detergents