Milk Proteins for the Feed Industry

In order for animal rearing to be successful and cost-effective, farmers should pay attention to the methods of feeding they choose, the types of liquid or dry feeds they use and the feeding program they follow. As for protein, it is a very important ingredient of animal feeds, as it is crucial for animal growth, body maintenance, the creation of young and the production of such products as milk, eggs and wool.

AlindaVelco supplies the animal nutrition sector with milk protein ingredients necessary for animal feeds. The quality of human nutrition is directly involved with the quality of the protein sources that the animals perceive through feeds, therefore trust AlindaVelco as your high-quality feed protein ingredients.

Our range of milk protein ingredients available for animal feeds consist of:

  • Skim milk powder
    Skim Milk Powder, resulting from the removal of fat and water from milk, is a free flowing ingredient for use in a wide variety of animal feeds including calves, poultry, piglets, etc. Non-fat dry milk contains the same proportion of lactose, milk proteins and milk minerals as the fresh milk which it was made from.
  • Sweet whey powder
    Sweet whey powder is obtained by drying fresh whey (derived during the manufacture of cheeses such as Cheddar and mozzarella) which has undergone pasteurisation and contains no preservatives. Sweet-type whey powder includes the same constituents as fresh whey and in the same relative proportion; its difference is lack of moisture. Excellent functional characteristics and high nutritive value make sweet whey an ideal ingredient for the feed industry.
  • Whey permeate
    Whey permeate is a high-quality source of lactose used in the feeds of various animals, such as pigs, cattle and poultry. In its dried form, whey permeate is a light coloured, free-flowing powder, obtained by spray-drying the whey residue which is produced when whey is filtered to remove the protein. Whey permeate is very economical and pleasant to taste, it is easily digested and constitutes an excellent source of energy. When added to solutions, it dissolves easily therefore it is easy to use.
  • Milk replacers
    Liquid feeds such as milk or milk replacers are necessary for calves until they reach the right age and physical condition to start eating solids. The milk replacer is an economic alternative of whole milk, as it is made from by-products of the milk manufacturing industry. Milk replacers contain proteins and fats in levels that can be adjusted properly to improve calf growth and to respond to climatic conditions. Moreover, they give the opportunity to farmers to easily supply additives such as vitamins and medications (e.g.: antibiotics) through milk replacer. Lastly, pasteurized milk ingredients are used for milk replacers manufacturing, therefore several diseases transmission in the calf is prevented.

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