Sodium Bicarbonate for Animal Feeds

Nowadays, Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) plays an important role in contemporary animal nutrition. It is a raw material widely used by the animal nutrition market because it provides a natural sodium source and it has a buffering power which is a valuable aid in various feed nutritional applications. It is used to give properties as:

  • Diet balance
  • Organism variations balance
  • Specific biological and rearing needs fulfilment

The application possibilities and the benefits reachable by using Sodium Bicarbonate as a feed supplement are shown in the table below:

Application Benefits
  • A natural buffering agent for the digestive systems of cows.
  • Maximised dairy production by the neutralisation and buffering of cows’ digestive system.
  • Profitable
  • Simple to use
  • Quality guaranteed
Laying Hens 
  • Significantly improved egg quality
  • Improved eggshell thickness
  • Less rough eggs
  • Specific egg weight
Broilers and Turkeys 
  • Increased weight gain
  • Correct feed conversion and consumption
  • Enhanced performances of broilers reared in heat stress conditions and at high density
  • Prevention of gastric and esophageal ulceration
  • Reduction of “leg weakness”
  • Improvement of daily feed consumption, growth rate, conversion ratio and final life weight

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