A final glass product is always characterised by the presence of specific properties which are connected to the particle sizing and the density of raw materials that glass industry uses. During the glass making process, the manufacturer should firstly take care of the gentle and cautious blending of the raw materials, since as many as 20 different chemicals may be used in a batch (I.e., a standard glass formulation); the role of each of these chemicals is to apply its individual features so as to meet the specifications of the desired end product. The more homogeneous the batch and the more harmonised and consistent the raw material mixture are, the more successful the glass manufacturing process.

AlindaVelco S.A. supplies the glass industry with one of the most important glass making raw materials, natural Sodium Carbonate or else natural soda ash. Soda ash effectively blends with all other batch ingredients, giving thus the most successful results. AlindaVelco S.A., through its long partnership with one of the world's largest natural soda ash producers, can provide the glass manufacturer with high-quality natural soda ash.

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) for Glass

The glass industry has many different product processes, however all of which being characterised by the use of one common raw material...

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