Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) for Glass

The glass industry has many different product processes, however all of which being characterised by the use of one common raw material: Soda ash. Soda ash has the following properties:

• It reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in glass formulations

• The alkali effectively supports the shaping of the glass item

As a result,

• It saves costly energy

• It limits glass furnace life

It is such a fundamental constituent of a glass formulation, that the greatest part of the world's soda ash production, in fact more than 50%, is used for the production of various types of glass:

Flat Glass
The Flat Glass industry mainly produces glass used in the automotive industry (tempered glass), as well as in the building sector: private and public housing, after-market segment (windows and doors replacement).
This part of the glass industry has experienced a significant growth during the last decades, as a result of the increased use of glass per vehicle, as well as in modern buildings and in renovation. Moreover, the invention of the double or triple glazing windows, which are preferred for their improved thermal performance, is among the key factors of the flat glass industry development.

Glass Container
The Glass Container industry manufactures and supplies a large variety of products, such as:


  • Bottles for beers, wines, juices and other beverages
  • Food containers
  • Containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.


Packaging glass can be available either in clear, transparent form or in different colours (for instance, dark brown containers for beer, many shades of green containers for wine, etc). These inventive properties of glass, together with its full recycling capability and its ability not to react with the contents, make glass a highly valued raw material for the packaging industry.

The Fiberglass industry produces special glass items for thermal insulation or for reinforcement.

Other glass products
Light bulbs, tableware, decorative glass blocks, etc.

AlindaVelco S.A., through its long partnership with one of the world's largest natural soda ash producers, supplies you with high-quality natural soda ash for any glass application.

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