Herbal Extracts

They can be used in single ingredient products or be combined with minerals, vitamins and/or other herbal extracts providing an effective solution on multiple levels. The portfolio includes:

Extract Origin History Benefits
Wild green oat extract Since medieval times, Green Oat herb has been well-known for its anti-stress assistance and its positive results in concentration and learning abilities
  • Improved concentration
  • Stress coping
  • Mental alertness
Olive leaf extract Ancient Greeks showed a great respect on olive leaves effectiveness and used them to treat wounds (external use) as well as to control high blood pressure and diabetes (internal use) Reduces:
  • Blood-pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • LDL cholesterol levels

Ideal for heart health supporting products

Green Mate leaf extract It has been traditionally popular as a beverage with various healthy benefits, including metabolism activation and physical performance enhancement
  • Helps with weight reduction
  • Offers energy and vitality
  • Ideal for weight management and sports nutrition products
Purslane herb extract In Near East cultures the fleshy leaves of purslane were highly appreciated for their anti-diabetic properties
  • Maintains the good function of blood sugar metabolism
  • Offers support in weight management
  • Helps with blood sugar control in pre- / type 2 diabetics

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