Select Ingredients for Health Supplements

There is a distinctive range of ingredients that derived after an extensive scientific and clinical research that has proven their quality and beneficial effects. They can be ideally used for dietary and health supplements and they include:

  • A range of soy germ ingredients rich in isoflavones, which are well-known for their exceptionally positive effects on bone and heart health. They can also help women near or during menopause coping with the symptoms from the changes their body is making.
  • An extract from the fenugreek plant containing over 85% fiber and thus provides precious health benefits. Due to its very high water binding capacity, it can be ideal for weight management, glycemic index and heartburn formulations.
  • An exceptional flax ingredient rich in lignans that provides a number of benefits to both men's and women's health, including:
    • Prostate health
    • Menopausal symptoms and Bone health
    • Skin and Hair protection


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