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    Our portfolio includes ingredients and technical support for the production of:
  • High Protein Greek Style yoghurts
  • High Protein Greek Style drinking yoghurts and smoothies

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AlindaVelco S.A. is a leading company in the dairy ingredients sector. Since 1989, AlindaVelco S.A. has achieved a constantly upward trend, which has placed the company amongst the most significant players in dairy ingredients in SE Europe and the Middle East. We have been pioneers in offering high level technical support and tailor made solutions, being the first to implement protein fortification for the production of Greek Yoghurt.

With active presence in over 25 countries, AlindaVelco S.A. offers premium quality products, cost effective solutions and technical support,fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding clients. Our unique know-how,our experienced dairy scientists, our R&D laboratories and pilot plants of AlindaVelco can guarantee innovative and flexible solutions not only by following market trends but creating them as well.

New market schemes such as healthy snacking, wellness, weight and body consiousness, sports nutrition and healthy aging have driven our latest developments, which include functional milk proteins and exclusive recipes for the production of:

  • High Protein (8%+) Greek Style yoghurts from 0-5% fat
  • High Protein (10%+) Greek Style drinking yoghurts 0-1% fat
  • High Protein (8%+) Greek Style yoghurt smoothies 0-1% fat with strawberry, vanilla, banana, red fruits and other combinations
  • High Protein dairy drinks and beverages

 Additionally our speciality product range includes:

  • Tailor Made Solutions for high protein Greek Style Yoghurt both spoonable and drinkable
  • Total Milk Proteins
  • Milk Protein Concentrates
  • Functional Whey Proteins Concentrates and Isolates ( WPC, WPI )

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