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  • Greek Yoghurt is the trendiest food in the U.S.
  • In 2012 Greek yogurt accounted for 35 percent of the total U.S. yogurt market, up from 4 percent in 2008
  • Why go Greek? High Protein, Low Fat, All Natural, Indulgence

The popularity of Greek and Greek-style yoghurts in the US over the past five years and similar growth in Europe looks set to follow. Health and wellness is a key driver across dairy in general, and Greek and Greek-style yoghurts score especially well with consumers since they are a good source of protein and other nutrients, including calcium.

Tasty, creamy, thick and rich, Greek yoghurt provides numerous health benefits, and it is an excellent addition to the everyday diet. While standard yoghurts have a typical protein content ranging from 3% to 4%, traditional Greek yoghurts offer between 6% and 10%. Greek Yoghurt can be combined with fruit, honey, cereals etc and the claims associated with the product are "high protein, low fat, lower carbohydrates, less lactose, organic, natural, probiotics inside" etc.

At the moment, the brightest spot in global food business is the remarkable surge in popularity of Greek yogurt.

Considered to be one of the fastest growing food categories of all time, Greek yogurt is now a driving force for the $4 billion yogurt industry in America, which is incredible given that Greek yogurt was just a drop in the milk bucket just five years ago. Today, it represents about a quarter of all yogurt sales in the US and it is growing.

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The market of Greek Yoghurt is above 1 billion USD in the states and around 400 million € in Europe. The market is growing fast and there will be a huge demand of Greek and Greek Style Yoghurt in 2013. The demand will expand in markets such as Middle East, Africa and Asia. Greek yoghurt is a product which came to stay and it will soon become a worldwide trend.

AlindaVelco has been a pioneer in Greek Yoghurt technology since the '80s. The solutions developed for this application from AlindaVelco can be used to produce high protein, zero, low and full fat Greek and Greek Style Yoghurt.
Special Protein Fractions used in our tailor made solutions can quarantee 100% yield without whey drainage, which means lower production cost.

Some of the advantages of our products

  • Milky and high yoghurt flavour due to the selected protein solutions of AlindaVelco
  • Thick, smooth and creamy structure despite high level of protein even in low/0% fat variants
  • Shiny texture after stirring and pumping the product (smoothing process)
  • 100% yield. No whey drainage


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