AlindaVelco constitutes one of the most significant players in ingredients and industrial raw materials in SE Europe and the Middle East.

Since 1989, AlindaVelco has achieved to become well established not only within the Greek market, but also across boarders, developing a dynamic presence worldwide. The company's significant know how in the production of high quality and specialized fine ingredients is one of its most high value assets. AlindaVelco is certified by HACCP and operates a research and development laboratory, as well as pilot plants for product testing, aimed at delivering premium quality raw materials fulfilling even the most demanding customer needs.

AlindaVelco's areas of specialization lie both in the food and the non food industry. Its main product portfolio includes products for the bakery industry, the dairy industry, as well as for the textile industry. Furthermore, AlindaVelco also offers a range of detergent products for white label customers.

Dedicated to constant evolution of its product portfolio, AlindaVelco invests in research and development to offer product solutions which provide high added value to its industrial clients.

AlindaVelco specializes in Food Ingredients, Industrial Raw Materials and Detergents.

Food Ingredients

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High Quality Ready-to-Use or Tailor-Made Ingredients

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Industr. Raw Materials

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Raw Materials, Ingredients & Tailor-Made Solutions

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Detergents & Other Cleaning Material. Brand-Name: Spark

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