logoAlindaVelco S.A. is a leading company which can offer ingredients, functional products and tailor made solutions for the food industry.

AlindaVelco S.A is also active in the distribution of basic raw materials to various industrial sectors, such as:

Furthermore, AlindaVelco S.A. offers a range of I&I products for "private label" customers.

Since 1989, AlindaVelco S.A. has experienced a constantly upward trend, which placed the company amongst the most significant players in ingredients and industrial raw materials in SE Europe and the Middle East.

With active presence in 13 countries, AlindaVelco S.A. aims at delivering premium quality products, fulfilling thus even the most demanding customer needs.

Throughout these years, AlindaVelco S.A. has gained a valuable know-how in the production of high quality ingredients and invested in the evolution of its product portfolio by giving ultimate priority in research and development procedures. In the R&D laboratory and the pilot plants of AlindaVelco S.A, our experienced scientists are always capable to give innovative and flexible solutions, which will meet any specific requirements. All processes and activities take place under strict quality standards, complying with the ISO 22000 certification.

Our Strategy

strategy-210In AlindaVelco S.A., our business is directed by three strategic principles required to reach our objectives and meet the opportunities in our industry:

1. Retain the value of innovation

Use our technical know-how to develop new processes and solutions for our customers providing thus an expanded commercial potential.

2. Ensure the quality of cost-effectiveness

Guarantee that the cost of our solutions remains one of the lowest although without compromising in quality.

3. Excel in building partnerships

Expand our innovative commercial capabilities to new and existing customers by offering wide-ranging solutions and services, not only products.



Below is a brief history of our Company:

  • logo1989: Alinda S.A. is established, a company dealing with import and supply of ingredients and enzymes for the food and chemical industry.
  • 1996: The increasing need for ingredients production led to the establishment of a second company, Velco S.A., which focused on the development of innovative products and tailor made solutions.
  • 2000: The new plant starts in the industrial area of Oinofita Viotias, an area around 60 km north of Athens.
  • 2001:
    • The company is expanding abroad by establishing its first subsidiary in Balkans, AlindaRo, in Romania.
    • In Greece, the Dairy Pilot plant gives a new dimension in the Research and Development for the company.
  • 2002:
    • Acquisition of Tension S.A., a company experienced in detergents production and supply.
    • The Bakery and Confectionery Pilot plant starts.
  • 2003:
    • The new Textile Pilot plant supplements the range of pilot plants created to facilitate the ingredients tests under real conditions.
    • A new warehouse and logistics unit is acquired in Aspropyrgos, Attiki.
  • 2005: Business headquarters were transferred in its privately owned offices in Spata.
  • 2010:
    • All the above mentioned companies are grouped together to form the AlindaVelco S.A.
    • The group is expanding its business in Bulgaria, by creating AlindaBG.
  • 2011: AlindaVelco S.A. is expanding towards the East market and AlindaVelco Turkey is founded.
  • 2012: AlindaVelco S.A. continues its successful ascent and occupies more than 100 employees.


Our Mission

values 300"Our mission is to provide the food and chemical industry with top quality and technologically advanced solutions which will help them gain competitive advantage in their markets"

Our purpose is to support our customers by providing innovative and tailor made solutions through our highly skilled employees and via patented manufacturing processes.

We aim at offering our customers a "one-stop shopping" plan, in terms of providing a full package of technical consulting, raw materials, ingredients and chemical additives production and a complete after sales service.

Our highly trained personnel work hard on and take special care of every customer request in order to provide the highest standards of service and the top level of technical knowledge in the industry.

We follow an antagonistic research and development program, so that to ensure our future as a top company specializing in distribution and technical support for food and chemical ingredients and raw materials.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader technology and ingredients supplier for the Food and Chemical industry through an extensive network of representatives and subsidiaries in the wider Balkan area. Our business is guided by the following scheme:

"Our people make innovations the major company's asset which reassures our clients about our efficiency leading thus to strong partnerships"

People: As we believe that each company's moving strength is its people, it is our intent to provide a pleasant working environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.

Innovations: The creation of improved or more effective solutions, processes, services and technologies is what our company successfully specializes in.

Efficiency: During the innovation and product development process a lot of attention is paid to solutions that provide improved efficiency without giving up quality.

Partnerships: It is in our best interest to cultivate relationships that our customers and suppliers can count on.

Our Values

In AlindaVelco S.A. we want our decisions and actions to demonstrate what we strongly believe in...Our Values. We are convinced that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for our customers, our suppliers and our employees, describing our company as we want it to be.

We struggle for QUALITY

We strongly support the "value for money" issue for what we offer to our customers, so we strive for continuous improvement and quality in our product range and services. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.


We each take the lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork.

Our company's leadership is founded on competent employees who apply advanced technology, innovative manufacturing and sound business management.

We take ACCOUNTABILITY for our suppliers and customers

We consider our suppliers' needs in conducting all aspects of our business, because we owe them the same type of respect that we show to our customers. Therefore, as we are dedicated to satisfy our customers by listening to their requests and understanding their expectations, we also strive for our suppliers to get fair and equitable treatment.

We proceed with INTEGRITY and RESPECT

Honesty and fairness direct all aspects of our work, as we fulfill our commitments showing the highest standards of professional behavior. We are decided to treat customers and company resources with the respect they ought to have.

Quality Standards


AlindaVelco S.A. is certified according to ISO 22000 and considers Quality a Top-Priority

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Our Facilities


Production & Management Activities in Modern Facilities

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